Portrait de Raymond Queneau

Voici un petit portrait en aquarelle du fondateur de l’Oulipo, Raymond Queneau qui a compris l’enjeu sérieux des jeux de mots et qui a apporté son esprit ludique aux sujets les plus graves. L’un de mes héros littéraires, un vrai génie qui a fait une marque incontournable sur l’histoire de l’écriture. Parmi ses livres, pourContinue reading “Portrait de Raymond Queneau”

Lunii publishes positive audio stories for children

September is World Kid Lit Month, so it seems like a good time to acknowledge the remarkable work being done over at Lunii to produce positive audio stories for children. Each Lunii album is composed of a set of interrelated narratives that can be listened to in any order. These albums are played on aContinue reading “Lunii publishes positive audio stories for children”

Salut Henri

Yesterday in the last sun before Henri not a scorcher but a steamerthe maiden voyage of the new lawnmowerand then out back tacking plastic over spongy windowsdonating blood to the swarm, before friends gathered in the hot gloomof dissipating empire:eggplant, sweet peppers, summer squash,ground beef and chicken shawarma,in plodding silence rimmed with exhaustion. “Have youContinue reading “Salut Henri”

Biography of Jacques Poissant

The following is a translation of the introductory chapter to the Généalogie de la Famille Poissant, written by Dr. J.C. Poissant, published in Montreal in 1909. This translation is a work in progress, a labor of love, my contribution to my family’s history. My grandmother, Lorna Diteman (née Fish), was a daughter of the PoissantContinue reading “Biography of Jacques Poissant”