Lunii publishes positive audio stories for children

September is World Kid Lit Month, so it seems like a good time to acknowledge the remarkable work being done over at Lunii to produce positive audio stories for children. Each Lunii album is composed of a set of interrelated narratives that can be listened to in any order. These albums are played on a device designed for little hands. The user selects the story using a simple interface of just one knob and three buttons; my daughter has been operating it since she was two years old. The device’s screen is only used to display icons that help the kids choose stories, and it turns off as soon as a story starts playing, so this truly is a single-function audio device with no distractions. Stories are available in French, Spanish, English, Italian, and German.
Every parent knows how hard it is when a kid has trouble falling asleep. I used to make myself hoarse reading, singing, and telling stories to my daughter. Now that My Fabulous Storyteller is part of our bedtime routine, I can read or tell her a few stories, then switch on the Storyteller, turn off the light, and she’s usually asleep within minutes! At the Luniistore, there are a few different albums specifically designed for bedtime, including Goodnight Stories, Sweet Dreams Stories, and Relax in the Clouds: I Can Fall Asleep.
The Relax in the Clouds stories depict the types of struggles that kids are familiar with–not wanting to go to bed, feeling too excited, feeling angry, sad, or shy. All of the narratives seem to be guided by growth mindset; for example, the protagonist’s little wizard friend Mr. Snorr used to be a villain, but now he has changed his ways and helps kids all over the world fall asleep.
In addition to Relax in the Clouds, I have also had the pleasure of editing Christiana Hills’ fine translations of The Luminaries, Panic in the Six Kingdoms, and–coming soon!–a wonderful little album of new adventures of Babar the elephant and his family. This year, I edited James Monaco’s translation of The Big Concert, a really fun album for older kids who love rock and roll, and I also translated an album of Christmas stories which will also be released soon.
As a parent of young children, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality children’s literature that doesn’t make me groan at ridiculous stereotypes and outdated gender norms. Lunii is doing important work by publishing stories that not only transcend the good-vs.-evil dualism found in so many fairy tales, but also present positive images of girls in action and leadership roles. I am honored to be a Lunii editor and translator!

Published by Jeff Diteman

I am a literary translator and scholar working with French, Spanish, and English.

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