Jeffrey Thomas Diteman

Literary translator
Traducteur littéraire
Traductor literario

Translation and editing services

Professional translation and proofreading services from French and Spanish to English, specializing in literary fiction, children’s stories, arts and journalism.

ProZ Certified Pro with Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies. Translation instructor at UMass Amherst and Banff International Literary Translation Centre.

Literary translations published by Deep Vellum Publishing and McSweeney’s (among others), of works by Raymond Queneau, Amalialú Posso Figueroa, Pablo Martín Sánchez. PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature with focus on Latin American and Francophone studies. Reviews Editor at Massachusetts Review.

Commercial Translation

I translate documents related to arts, culture, and politics, including journalism, archaeological catalogs, art brochures, album liner notes, and guidebooks. I also have extensive background as a translator of medical documents. My ProZ profile.

Le métier du traducteur démystifié (interview sur Radio Canada)

Literary Translation

My translation of the novel The Anarchist Who Shared My Name by Pablo Martín Sánchez was published by Deep Vellum in October of 2018. I have translated many poems and short stories by authors from Mexico, Colombia, France, Spain, and Quebec. See more.

Visual Art

My arts translation practice is enriched by direct experience with painting and drawing. I have studied Renaissance painting techniques and maintain a daily drawing practice. I’ve been depicting a lot of animals lately. See portfolio.

Academic Research

My doctoral research applies Edouard Glissant’s ideas about creolization to literary works associated with mestizaje, detecting areas of convergence and divergence between these two discourses of cultural hybridity. My chapter on José María Arguedas and Joseph Zobel has been included in the book Growing Up in Latin America edited by Marco Ramírez Rojas and Pilar Osorio Lora (Rowman & Littlefield, 2022).


Through courses on international short stories, dystopian fiction, digital culture, and good and evil, I engage students in the great conversations of literature, philosophy, and politics. In a new introductory course at UMass, I use translation theory to build general and cultural literacy. In June 2021, I mentored emerging translators through the Banff International Literary Translation Centre.


My review of The Penguin Book of Oulipo edited by Philip Terry, in Translation Review.

Para-Outranspo in Drunken Boat.

Speak White by Quebec poet Michèle Lalonde with my translated subtitles.

I occasionally post new poetry and poetry-adjacent things on my blog.

Trés content du travail de Jeff qui a parfaitement su traduire un univers inédit pour lui!

David Boulakia, director of record label Ici Bientôt, France

Jeff’s translation of Pablo Martín Sánchez’s The Anarchist Who Shared My Name is an exceptional work, enchanting to read while wholly capturing the tone of the author’s intent, that we at Deep Vellum are proud to publish.

Will Evans, publisher, Deep Vellum

Jeff is a very trustworthy, hardworking, capable copy editor and proofreader. I would highly recommend using his linguistic services. 

Clarisa Pereira González Aguiar, translator, Argentina


Jeff Diteman is a literary translator, author, and painter based in Western Massachusetts.

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For inquiries about translation projects, copy editing, or painting commissions, please use my contact page.

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